T-4® Desking

Product Overview

Start with a simple equation.

One table with four leg configurations is a well-designed line of desking. Multiply it by 27" of height adjustability; add privacy screens and overheads and the product is T-4. Divide this comprehensive system by its price to arrive at your office furniture solution.

The foundation of T-4 is a 29" fixed height table with a steel leg assembly that is the essence of durability and simplicity of design. Its simplicity doesn’t limit its applications, however. The unobtrusive leg and foot anchor worksurface shapes from the cockpit to the conference peninsula

The pin height adjustable table takes the T-4 base to the next level. Telescoping legs with spring steel buttons allow you to set the surface height from 24-31" in one-inch increments. Nylon bushings ensure that the legs will glide smoothly whether you adjust them once, once in a while, or once a day.

In an era of job-sharing, you may not be the only one your desk needs to accommodate. That's where the crank adjustable table comes in. Because it relies on a worksurface-mounted mechanical crank, this table can be adjusted uniformly from 22-33" or 27-43" in a sit/stand version, even under load. And because this table is continuously adjustable across its range, you can find your perfect fit.

For the easiest adjustment over the greatest range, T-4 also boasts an electrically adjustable table. Standard table controls regulate the height from 24-51" with the push of a button, while an optional deluxe controller also contains a digital height display and stores up to three presets.

Fixed height and adjustable tables can also be combined in a single workstation to create a sit-stand environment that will allow you to comfortably accomplish tasks from both a standing and seated position.


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