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Sign Hydrostripping / New Lisbon Correctional

Hydrostripping is a revolutionary method of removing all grades of reflective sheeting from signs of all shapes and sizes by utilizing ultra-high pressure waterjet technology. This environmentally friendly system does not use chemicals or sanding belts, nor does it produce any hazardous waste. In addition, hydrostripping does not harm the corrosion-resistant coatings that have previously been applied to the sign blank. The refurbished sign blanks are ready for refacing and produce extensive savings over the cost of buying new aluminum. Hydrostripping is endorsed and certified by all of the major reflective sheeting manufacturers.

BCE Sign Hydrostripping uses high-pressure water to strip vinyl sheeting off old signs so the aluminum blank can be used again. This reduces the amount of useful aluminum placed in Wisconsin landfills and produces a new sign at a lower cost than one produced using a new aluminum blank. To purchase, please contact your sales representative.