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What is BCE?

The Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE) is the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' agricultural and manufacturing enterprise. In addition to a dairy and two farms, we operate fourteen industries and two logistics operations in twelve different correctional facilities. BCE offers for sale a wide variety of quality products and services, while providing vocational training and professional development opportunities to its workers. State and local governments, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations can all benefit themselves and their communities by purchasing BCE products and services.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises is to enhance public safety by providing jobs and training for persons in our care which develop marketable skills and experience in financially viable businesses while providing quality products and services to our customers. This training and work experience for Wisconsin inmates leads to long term success while in prison and in the community upon re-entry.

BCE is an important piece of the DOC rehabilitative process. Productive inmates can save customers money. Customer support of BCE can save Wisconsin taxpayers money. BCE is proud to offer high quality products and services at very competitive prices.