Did you know you can order custom embroidered clothing from BCE?

    We provide many colors, options, sizes and styles of clothing. You can order a wider variety than the DOC Store at Central office may have.

    *Please check with your institution's business office for institution preferred items

How do you order?

    First, check out www.SanMar.com - you can choose from thousands of different items, sizes, colors, etc. Get our order form and be sure to include your style number, size, color and description, and contact informtion.

Order Forms:

    There are two different order forms to use:
    • DOC-2319: Non-taxable if the institution is paying for the clothing items
    • DOC-2808: Taxable - if YOU are paying for the items personally

Contact Information:

    After orders are received, a representative from BCE Textiles will email within a couple days with any questions and final pricing.

    For Institution orders: Once the order is approved, (pricing and items ordered) BCE Textiles will start your order with the institution being billed. The completed order will be shipped to your institution.

    For Personal orders: You must send a check with a copy of your order to DOC Central Office. Once your check is received, we will start your order. Your completed order will be shipped directly to you.

For pricing and ordering information, please contact your sales representative.

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