Other Services

BCE Outside / Inside Sales Staff

The Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE) has a knowledgeable sales staff available to serve you. To assist our Outside Sale Consultants, we have a team of Inside salespeople who can handle all customer service and special inquiries. Their knowledge and expertise will assist you from the beginning of the process through the design, CADD drawing, quote, and ordering processes.

Click here for a territory map and contact information for each territory BCE sales member(s)

Delivery and Installation Services

Delivery and Installation services can be provided anywhere in the state at the cost of 5% and 8% of the order respectively (Delivery 5%, Installation 8%). These rates may be subject to change per Department of Administration (DOA) contract changes.

The following information must be provided with the purchase order when requesting installation of furniture orders:

  • Two contact persons and phone numbers.
  • Specific floor and room numbers.
  • Availability of freight elevator.
  • Size of elevator.
  • Are stairs the only access to floor location?
  • Width of stairs.
  • Width of narrow hallways or doors.
  • Is the area under construction?

Providing this information prior to delivery is key to a well-planned, successful installation. Occasional delivery delays may be experienced due to scheduling considerations on installed deliveries. It is the responsibility of the customer to have the job site prepared to accept BCE product. It is not the responsibility of BCE staff or designee to remove existing furniture.

CADD / Space Planning

(Design and Reconfigure Services for modular and free-standing Furniture)

There are specific steps that are necessary to ensure that your design expectations are satisfied.

These free services include:

  • Initial contact of customer by phone
  • Initial sales call with customer
  • A site measurement
  • Programming
  • Space planning (Initial drawing plus up to two revisions to the customer)
  • Final drawing and bill of materials
  • Final review of order by BCE staff before placing into production

If more than two revisions are requested, BCE will charge a Design/CADD time fee of $120.00 per hour. Please contact your Salesperson or Systems Designer for details.

All requests for reconfigure services will have a $120.00 per hour Design/CADD time fee. Please contact your Furniture salesperson for more details.All orders will be reviewed by our BCE Sales and Design Staff to ensure completeness and correctness prior to the order being placed into production.