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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin shopping?

To begin shopping make sure you are a registered buyer. Registration is a one time process. Click Here to register now. After you have completed registering BCE will verify your eligibility to shop on this website. If eligible, you will receive an email with your approval typically within one business day. If approved, you are ready to shop. Hover over Shop All located in the top-level menu, then select your product category. Scroll to view our product offering, and pick the product you are interested in. Some product require configuration prior to being place in your shopping cart.

What do I do if I forgot my buyer ID and/or password?

Your buyer id should be the email address you used to register. If you have forgotten your password you may select the Forgot Password link in the Login window. If you continue to have difficulties please contact Contact Us for assistance.

Where are products and services such as embroidery or agriculture located?

Products, such as Embroidery or Printing, are located under the "Product Info" tab. For services like Agriculture or Laundry, click the "Services" tab.

What if I want to know more about a certain feature?

If you click on the "Resources" tab, additional information about many of our products and their features will be found there. Additionally, many of our "Product Info" pages have additional information and product literature links which describe the products' features in greater detail.

Which web browser works best for this site?

Edge and Chrome are the ideal browsers to use for viewing and ordering on this site.

When are you delivering my order?

You may find delivery information on the order acknowledgement or sales order in an email you should receive after you place your order. If you have any questions regarding delivery please contact Customer Service.

Do I have to use a credit card to place an order?

Although we take credit cards you do have other options to place an order. We also accept Purchase Orders and Direct Billing.

Why do I have to register?

By statute, BCE can sell products and services only to specific, approved customers. To find out more read Who can Buy.

How long does it take to get approved after registration?

It takes approximately one business day before a qualified purchaser’s registration is approved. You will get an email confirmation letting you know you have been approved and that you can start buying.