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Terms / Conditions


Wisconsin Statute 16.75(3t)(c) defines state agency/campus requirements to purchase materials, supplies, equipment, or contractual services from prison industries when the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE) is able to provide comparable products at comparable prices. When using mandatory contract 505ENT-M15-BSIOFFURN-01 for the purchase of office furniture, each agency/campus must first offer BCE the opportunity to meet their needs by requesting a standard quote, or formal project bid. If BCE determines it cannot meet the agency/campus furniture specifications at comparable prices, then BCE will issue the requesting agency/campus a waiver to purchase some or all of the project from another vendor.

Sales Policy

The Bureau of Correctional Enterprises is limited by Wisconsin law to sell only to state and federal agencies, county and municipal facilities, non-profit organizations and selected private sector businesses. Restrictions on the sale of individual product lines may apply.


All prices listed in BCE price list are freight excluded.

BCE price lists and any prices contained therein are subject to change without notice. Prices applicable to all customer orders shall be those in effect at the time BCE receives a complete order from customer unless: the customer and BCE have in place a written special pricing or master supply agreement, which the agreement specifies the prices to be paid by that customer.

Quoted prices on all products from the BCE price list are applicable for 60 days from the date of the quote. After 60 days, a new quote will be required using the pricing in effect at the time of the new quote.

BCE’s current price lists can be accessed here: Furniture Literature

Changes and Cancellations

Customer Changes or Cancellation of Orders

Customers shall be responsible for verifying that the order is correct within three (3) business days of receipt of the BCE order confirmation. Customers shall confirm that all colors, configurations, sizes, part numbers, pricing, delivery date, installation date, etc. is correct. Customers shall contact BCE with any questions or clarifications prior to confirming the order. BCE will accept a change/cancellation within the three business days of the order date on the sales order acknowledgement, and the customer will not be assessed a restocking fee

If a customer’s change/cancellation of an order is beyond three business days of the order date on the sales order acknowledgement, BCE will assess a restocking fee up to 30% of the order price, plus delivery costs from and back to the BCE vendor for materials ordered.

Orders entered and acknowledged cannot be changed or cancelled without BCE’s consent.

All custom ordered products are non-returnable and non-refundable.