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Shipping and Freight Services

Freight Terms

Delivery charges for furniture orders will be charged at 5% of the net order price. If installation of a product is required, an additional 8% of net order price will be added to cover installation costs. Items such as printing, signage and textiles may be subject to freight charges that are pre-paid and added to customer invoice.

Delivery definitions are:

  • Dock Delivery - Delivery will be made by common carrier or vendor truck, with unloading to be performed by the carrier/vendor. Carton(s) will be deposited on inside dock of the agency facility or transported to the interior/ground floor. Installation is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Delivered and Installed – BCE will deliver and install, set furniture in place, ready for use. Packing and debris will be removed by the BCE installers and completely removed from the premises.

BCE reserves the right to use its own employees, or third-party commercial carriers for the "best way" to ship at its sole discretion.


Scheduled deliveries held by BCE beyond 30 days at the request of the customer, will result in a storage charge(s).

Redelivery of Freight

When redelivery of product is required, actual costs will be billed to the customer.

Shipment Damage Claims

All products are packaged to comply with carrier requirements and leave BCE factories free of damage. All shipments should, however, be inspected immediately upon receipt. Should any damage occur a shipment(s), the delivering carrier should be requested to record those damages. Damage claims should be made directly to your BCE Sales Representative. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is required to return damaged goods. If an RGA can be negotiated by phone at the time of delivery, the goods need not be received. When further damage is found after delivery, call your BCE Sales Representative for immediate inspection by the delivering carrier. Notification of concealed damages must be made within 5 days after delivery of merchandise.

Unopened Shipment Damage Claims

Neither BCE nor the carrier will be responsible for concealed damage claims if shipments are left unopened. Notification of concealed damage must be made to BCE Customer Service within 5 days after delivery of merchandise. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect delivered products.

Force Majeure

The term “force majeure” means an occurrence that causes a delay beyond the control of the party affected and could not have been avoided by exercising reasonable diligence. Force majeure shall include Acts of God, war, riots, strikes, fire, floods, epidemics or other similar occurrences. For the purposes of this contract, it shall also include institution lockdowns.

  • If either party is delayed by force majeure, said party shall provide written notification within forty-eight (48) hours. The notification shall provide evidence of the force majeure.
  • In the case of institution lockdowns, BCE shall provide the DOA Contract Manager with the anticipated length of time for the lockdown, a detailed report of orders in pipeline and the percent of completion for each order.
  • DOA Contract Manager, Authorized Users, and BCE will review and prioritize orders so that once lockdown has been lifted, BCE can fill orders using the priorities as established.