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Badger State Logistics (BSL)

BSL is team working at a BCE warehouse that serves as the sales and delivery point for a number of consumable products sold to BCE customers. Products include, but are not limited to toilet paper, hand towels, food service supplies, can liners, motor oils, ice melting salt and softener salt. Workers on this team are persons at John Burke Correctional Center.

Industries Distribution Center (IDC)

IDC serves as the central hub for transportation, storage, delivery and installation of BCE products. IDC transports state-wide ranging from 24´ straight trucks to 53´ tractor-trailers and provides transportation services to other state agencies. IDC’s installation team delivers and installs BCE furniture products, repairs furniture on-site and offers project management for large scale installations. Workers on this team are persons at the John Burke Correctional Center.

Computer Recycling

Computers and select other electronic products that are obsolete or designated as non-repairable are received from the DOC. The items are de-manufactured down to the salable commodity in each device. The commodities are sold in a bidding process to responsible electronic recyclers.