Today’s lounge chairs wear many hats, from lively conversation space to peaceful respite, but none of them benefit from furniture that intimidates your visitors. BCE's lounge seating line creates an approachable space that is an extension of your aesthetic, be it classic or contemporary.

Stack & guest chairs typically have to strike a balance between the comfort features users appreciate and the nimbleness and space-saving qualities facilities managers require. This, however, is not the case for BCE's Stack & Guest seating line, where unique design yields chairs that are easy to move, store and use without compromise.

Taking comfort and quality to new heights, stools use the same aspects of their shorter counterparts and incorporate them for use by people of any size. BCE's stools utilize the same ergonomics and space-saving quailities of task and guest chairs and raise the level for a comfortable sit for people of all sizes.

Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair – a position that adds stress to the structures in the spine. Therefore, to avoid developing or compounding back problems, it’s important to have an office chair that’s ergonomic, supports the lower back and promotes good posture. BCE's task chairs address these issues and then some.

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