Warranty / Repairs / Returns

The Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE) furniture product warranties are subject to the BCE suppliers then current terms.  This means that BCE furniture customers will enjoy the exact warranty coverage that the BCE vendor(s) is offering on the date that the BCE customer places their order.

EXCEPTIONS to these terms are:

  • BCE OEM Products - 10 year warranty
  • Foam, casters, slides, glides, task lighting - 1 year warranty
  • Fabrics, leather, mesh, upholstery, vinyl - 3 year warranty
  • Arm rest fabric and padding on all seating - 1 year warranty
  • Computer accessories - 1 year warranty

EXCLUSIONS – Warranty does not cover:

  • Failure resulting from normal wear and tear which is to be expected over the course of ownership.
  • Any misuse, abuse or modification of the original product voids the warranty.
  • Products that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions or that have been subject to improper storage.
  • Alterations to product not expressly authorized by BCE, nor to products considered to be of a consumable nature such as bulbs, light ballasts, and surge suppression products.
  • Customer Own Material (COM) including labor costs.
  • Natural variations in wood grain; changes in surface finishes, including colorfastness, due to aging or exposure to light; matching of color, grain or texture, except to within commercially acceptable standards.
  • BCE product warranty terms begin from the date the Authorized Users receive the product.
  • BCE agrees its products to be free from defect in materials and workmanship, given normal use and care. All product warranties are based on usage from a single 8-hour shift, per day, unless otherwise noted.
  • BCE products are not intended or warrantied for outdoor use unless specifically stated for outdoor use.
  • Products (including parts and components) that fail under normal use as a result of a defect in design, materials, workmanship, or installation shall be repaired or replaced free of charge (including labor, delivery and installation) throughout the warranty period.
  • Products that require warranty repair or replacement must be repaired or replaced within a time frame that is agreed upon, in writing, with the Authorized User.


In the event of product return due to BCE error, the Authorized User reserves the right to accept either a full refund for the returned product or a replacement of the product.  Upon notification by the Authorized User of a duplicate shipment, over-shipment or shipment in poor condition, the products will be removed at BCE’s expense.  Timeframe for removal shall be within ten (10) calendar days of BCE notification from the Authorized User, or otherwise an agreed upon time between BCE and the Authorized User.

For product returns due to Authorized User error, Authorized Users are responsible for all actual costs associated with the preparation of the product for shipping and all shipping costs to the nearest service location.

BCE will not permit return of products or materials without written consent. Contact your sales representative within 5 days for a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number.  Returned shipments, when accepted, are subject to a restocking charge of up to 30% plus delivery costs from and back to the BCE vendor for materials ordered.  The exact amount of which will be determined after merchandise is received and inspected.  All freight or express charges must be prepaid for return shipments; otherwise they will not be accepted.

If you currently have a product covered by our warranty that was damaged upon delivery, or has a defective component, our repair service is available to you.  This warranty does not apply to defects from abuse, misuse, neglect or alteration by the customer. BCE will repair or replace defective goods to our customer’s satisfaction in a timely manner. Customers will be notified of all charges not covered under warranty prior to service.

Please call your BCE Inside or Outside Sales Consultant for warranty information on a specific product.

If you need assistance, please contact our office at 608-240-5200.