Customer Registration Guide

Step 1:

Go to, and select "Register" from the home screen.

Step 2:

Enter information to register as a qualified customer of BCE

Step 3:

Receive confirmation email directing you to login and create a permanent password

Step 4:

After creating your password, login to to view registration information.

** If you intend to order using a P-Card, proceed to step 5 below. Otherwise, your registration is complete. Thank you!

Step 5:

Click on "Settings" and choose "Payment Methods."

Step 6:

Enter P-Card information and click " ADD CARD". (Be sure to specify your default card if more than one P-Card is added to your profile.

Step 7:

Confirm payment methods are correct. If so, you have successfully added PCARD information! You can always ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ PCARD information from your profile when necessary.