Renew. Reuse. Recycle.

The list of reasons to become a BCE Sign Reuse Partner continuously grows. Topping the list is your money savings opportunity. We save our customers an average of 10-30% when hydrostripping material is used vs. new blanks. Second on the list is the protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. We accomplish this by transforming outdated, weathered aluminum signs that no longer meet DOT standards into clean reusable sign blanks. We do this without damaging the environment by utilizing our 100% Green hydrostripping technology. Next, take into account the environmental issues of aluminum production and the benefits of hydrostripping. Aluminum does not exist in its pure form in nature; it must be extracted from ore and produced. Aluminum production is a relatively energy intensive process that requires some 13 million watt-hours per ton of metal produced. On average, it takes 15.7 kWh of electricity to produce one kilogram of aluminum. Hydrostripping is an environmentally friendly production system that does not use chemicals, reuses its own water supply, and does not produce any hazardous waste.