FlexStation® Desking

Collaboration is vital in today’s classrooms and training rooms, creating the need for furniture that makes both independent and collaborative work easier to accomplish. The open nature of freestanding desking fosters a sense of cooperation in any environment, but it’s thoughtful features unique to FlexStation that make it ideally suited to the task.

FlexStation’s privacy screens are optional accessories making it as easy to create unobstructed sight lines for students in lecture halls as it is to create enclosed study carrels for them in libraries. Worksurface grommets and PowerUp® modules maximize usable space on the desktop in either situation without sacrificing power or data connectivity.

In addition to the PowerUp modules that give users access to power and data on top of the desk and benefit students who bring their own laptops and tablets to class, integrated receptacles beneath the worksurface are available. These below-surface receptacles are ideal in computer labs, libraries, and other settings where the organization’s equipment will be used as their discrete profile and out- of-the-way location discourage tampering.

Other features that make FlexStation ideal for collaborative training environments are also subtly located beneath the desktop. A shared leg can be used in place of two separate legs to support adjoining worksurfaces and increase the foot room beneath them, while facilitator desks with casters improve instructors’ mobility and access to learning boards at the front of the room.

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