StyleLinks™ Benching

All benching designs begin with a charge to create furniture that encourages both team and individual productivity as efficiently as possible. StyleLinks answers the call uniquely by offering a floating top, simple leg design, and multitasking features throughout.

It all starts at the steel frame. Single- and dual-sided conformations provide each user with a 24" or 30" deep workstation. Combinations of starter, adder, and perpendicular frame sections can be used to construct long runs of benching or wrap-around command centers with equal ease. The telescoping beams within those frames make dramatic reconfigurations more affordable as each frame can accommodate a range of worksurface sizes.

Atop the frames, worksurfaces appear to float weightlessly. Like the frames, StyleLinks worksurfaces have regular rectilinear shapes that make them easy to combine in a variety of ways. Dual-sided frames use two identical abutting worksurfaces—one for each user.

This two-worksurface solution for dual-sided benching allows privacy screens to be anchored directly to the base for unwavering stability and makes the sliding worksurface option a reality for both users.

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