Powerworks® Panel System

Product Overview

PowerWorks is the first name in systems furniture because it grows in concert with your organization. You can build the environment that suits today’s needs and budget without limiting tomorrow’s decisions.

Disassembling and reassembling entire workstations is simple and requires no specialized tools—minimizing reconfiguration costs as well as lost time. The biggest cost savings come from PowerWorks components themselves. Built to last, guaranteed, and available in UV-resistant finishes, they allow you to reuse instead of recycle.

Powerworks’ building blocks of design are also just the tools for teams that want to think outside the box of the typical workstation. Using multiple panel heights in divider walls provides privacy without stifling communication and adds visual appeal. Panel lift kits replace base raceways with 6" or 12" support legs to improve airflow and make cleaning easier, while providing a more approachable aesthetic.

Unique storage solutions like tool tiles, tool rails, and open-concept cubbies also create more appealing and efficient group spaces by removing clutter and keeping vital files and accessories close at hand.

With Powerworks every component is created with an eye toward both form and function. With pedestal-top seat cushions, the files serve as overflow seating and keyed-alike storage in one.


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PowerWorks Technical Specifications

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