System XXI® Panel System

Product Overview

A panel is a panel…or is it? System XXI Stack & Tile panels give complex functionality a weightless design. A sleek profile, aluminum trim, and perforated panel option create a modern interpretation of the classic System XXI design. The hallmark adaptability of System XXI is conserved by the variety of sizes, finishes, and compositions of the panels. Also, like heritage System XXI panels, Stack & Tile panels can conceal cabling run within channels of their steel frames, but only Stack & Tile panels bring that power and data to worksurface height.

The team workspace poses unique challenges for furniture designers: access with privacy; storage that doesn't sacrifice vital space; and mobility for impromptu meetings. System XXI rises to the occasion with products that strike a balance.

The tempered glass panels and transaction counters in the System XXI line facilitate communication even as fabric panels give a measure of privacy. Round grommets are factory installed to give cables access through T-edged style worksurfaces. Slimline grommets are factory installed at the back edge of the worksurface to provide an unobtrusive location for power cords to run from equipment to receptacles in the bottom raceway. Acoustical control can be just as important as privacy in a group space. That is why System XXI fabric acoustical panels contain three layers of fiberglass insulation. This gives them 0.75 NRC rating - a number that means the only person who will hear your fingers tapping is you.

Keep storage solutions out of the way. Series XXI pedestals and 2-drawer lateral files are designed to fit beneath worksurfaces. Worksurface supporting pedestals do double duty without any larger footprint than their freestanding or mobile counterparts. Any combination of files and storage can also be specified “keyed alike”, allowing shared utilization of secured materials.

Personal space can also be at a premium, but System XXI offers a range of panel hung accessories that maintain an open plan layout.


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